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Risotto with a kick Oct 19 2011

I stumbled (or rather choked) upon this unusual dish in a rather "bad" (read unorthodox) Italian restaurant in Mallorca. Rather stupidly, I had it for dinner, not breakfast or lunch, and was unable to sleep that night...

Incidentally, the dish was absolutely yummy!

Here's the recipe:

White Risotto with Coffee and Capers


serves 10

- 320 g risotto rice

- 1.8 litres of white chicken


You can listen too me on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage here


More posts added Sep 26 2011


… Gentle breeze from the sea brings faint aromas of garlic and pesto floating above the Tower and the whole of the Miracle Square - and pleasantly titillating my nostrils…

… I am standing on the top tier of the leaning side of the Leaning Tower of Pisa grabbing the banisters with both hands while looking down… The smell of the pasta sauce and the angle at which I can observe the Square underneath read more...


Tuna biccies recipe Sep 26 2011

Tuna is the main staple food on the island of San Pietro off the coast of Sardinia... There, it is not unusual to have a three-four-course meal, with all the dishes containing tuna. It was the first and only place where I tried a dessert, made of tuna. An archetypally bad meal, it was nevertheless absolutely delicious. The recipe for tuna biccies (reporduced from memory) was approximately like this read more...


New images Sep 26 2011

I have just uploaded a couple of photos to my site and am about to upload my first great "bad" recipe. Have a browse!