Frequently Asked Questions

QHow do I check or change the name/s in the back?

A – To check or change the names in the back just log in and head over to the 'Your Account' page (which can be located at the top right hand corner of the site). Here you'll see the icons for all of the books you have supported. Under the icon is the green button 'update the name in the back'. Click this and away you go. Please note, if this button does not appear then the book is too far along the production process to add/change your name.

QI don’t want my name to appear on your website and I want to support the book anonymously. Can I do this?

A – Yes, just go to the 'change contact details', which can be located under settings from the 'Your Account' page. Here you can click on the 'pledge anonymously' check box. You can still get your name in the back of the book whilst being anonymous online, just add your name in the back by following the steps above. Please note that if you press the 'pledge anonymously' check box after you have added the names in the back then the names won't be removed.

QI moved house! How do I change my delivery address?

A – To check or change your address all you need to do is log into the website, go to the 'Your Account' page, and click the link labelled 'change contact detail/s'.

QI want to buy two books and send one to myself and one to a different address for a friend. Can I do this?

A – Yes, you can either edit your delivery details during the checkout process, or you can change the delivery address after pledging. To do this, click on one of the 'edit delivery address' links under the book icon in 'Your Account' page.

QThe project is fully funded! Where's my book?

A – After a book reaches 100% it normally takes around 4-6 months from the manuscript hand-in date to go through all of the editorial and production processes. We'll send you updates throughout this time.

AWhen do you you take my pledge money?

Q – We take the money from your account when you make the pledge. We can't recognise this money until the book is fully funded however, so if a project fails you can request a full refund.

QThe project I have supported didn't reach its funding target and has been taken down. Can I get a full refund?

A – Yes! Just email and we can sort this out for you.

QThe project I have supported isn’t doing very well. Can I get a refund?

A – Hang on in there. Different books take different amounts of time to reach their funding target - if every supporter wanted their money back straight away, some great projects wouldn’t get funded.

QI don’t care, I still want a refund! How do I do this?

A – You can contact and we’ll arrange it for you.

QI have a press enquiry.

A – We're always happy to talk to the press. Please email

QI'm a book reviewer/blogger. Can I request copies of your books to review?

A – Of course. Contact with details of your blog and we’ll send something over for you.

QI’m an author/agent. How should I approach you about launching a project?

A – Please see our author submissions page.

QI haven’t had a book published before and I don't have an agent, but I have a great idea I’d love to put up on Unbound, how do I go about it?

A – One of the principles behind Unbound is to support new talent and you are free to submit your idea to us without an agent. It usually takes about a month for us to review the submissions and we to respond to all submissions sent to us.

QI've subscribed to a project at one level but want to increase to another. What do I do?

A – Once you have subscribed to a project you can upgrade at any time to a higher level. Just email us at and we'll help you out.

QI love the idea behind Unbound, but there isn’t a project online that I’d like to support at the moment. What can I do?

A – Firstly please register with the site - that way we can email you when new projects are launched - and don't forget to keep checking back. Or follow us on Twitter on @unbounders. We will also be approaching authors with book ideas, so feel free to send us an email with the author or idea you’d most like to see on Unbound and we’ll see what we can do.

QWhat if the author fails to deliver the manuscript?

A – Unbound authors have a much more direct relationship with their readers so we hope that they will always deliver. However sometimes events conspire against the best of us so, should an author not deliver, you'll get your credits fully refunded.

QWill your ebooks be DRM protected?

A – At Unbound we don't believe that DRM is helpful or even really fulfils its claimed purpose. We will encourage all our authors to make their Unbound ebooks available DRM-free but, as the content is theirs, they will make the final decision.

Q - Can I have lunch with the author if I don't live in the UK?

A – Yes, but you'll need to organise your own travel/accommodation to the UK.

Q - Will my email address be displayed publicly on my profile page?

A – No, we hate spam too.

QCan I work for Unbound?

A – If you’d like to work for Unbound as an editor, proofreader, illustrator, PA or you’d like to help with the website, then email

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q – I have a complaint about the service I have received, what do I do?

A – Firstly we're very sorry and we promise to do whatever we can to sort out the problem. Just get in touch via email ( or give us a call (020 7494 2288) and we’ll work out how to fix it.

Q – I have an irrational fear of onions. What should I do?

A – You should speak to a greengrocer or a registered therapist.

Q – I’d like to buy a book that is deliberately marketed and designed to look just like a bestselling book from last year – even though has nothing to do with the original book. Is that something you can help me with?

A – No.


United Kingdom

Shipping is added at checkout, and depends upon the weight of the book.

All other countries

Shipping is from £14 per subscription for standard format Hardback, Signed and Goodie bag subscription levels. For larger (and heavier!) books, shipping will vary depending on weight and destination. We courier our books to ensure that they are traceable and arrive safely with subscribers. We do not make a profit on the postage costs.