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By Rose Bret├ęcher

A tragicomic memoir about intrusive sexual thoughts

Notes from the Sofa
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Notes from the Sofa

By Raymond Briggs

An insight into one of Britain's greatest creative minds

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Latest projects

The Private Life of the Diary
24 %

The Private Life of the Diary

By Sally Bayley

From Pepys to Tweets: a history of the diary as an art form

My Groupon Adventure
37 %

My Groupon Adventure

By Max Dickins

I did over a hundred Groupon deals in a year

Perfect Picnic
29 %

Perfect Picnic

By Tamasin Day-Lewis

The one and only picnic book you'll ever need

Adventures in VHS
28 %

Adventures in VHS

By Noel Mellor

A memoir that celebrates the lost world of 1980s VHS movies