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83 %


By Rose Bretécher

A tragicomic memoir about intrusive sexual thoughts

Second-Hand Stories
37 %

Second-Hand Stories

By Josh Spero

The amazing stories behind my second-hand books and the people who owned them

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Latest projects

Living Food: A Feast For Soil & Soul
21 %

Living Food: A Feast For Soil & Soul

By Daphne Lambert

A life changing journey through soil, food, love, conviviality & nourishment

The Power of Soft
40 %

The Power of Soft

By Hilary Gallo

How to get what you need and still be nice

Perfect Picnic
18 %

Perfect Picnic

By Tamasin Day-Lewis

The one and only picnic book you'll ever need

20 %


By Liz Fraser

Indispensable and hilarious* notes on midlife (*possibly a lie)